We are delighted to announce an exclusive event - the Konstantin Chaykin Auction in collaboration with Ineichen Auctioneers.The auction will be held live and online. This auction will take place at the renowned Geneva Watch Days exhibition, showcasing an extraordinary collection of horological masterpieces and artistic sketches.

Auction Highlights:

Discover a realm of horological wonders at our carefully curated auction, showcasing an exceptional collection of 15 lots curated by the talented Konstantin Chaykin himself. Prepare to be captivated by hand-drawn sketches and exquisite timepieces, including iconic creations like Joker XXX, Konstantin Chaykin Minions, Joker I, The Smilodon Watch, The Joker Five Watch, The Tourbillon 55 Clock, the Harlequin Ventuno, and The Time-Eater Watch Set. The New Wristmon Prototype and Louis Erard x KChaykin will be complemented by mesmerizing sketches.

The sale will also feature a truly exceptional lot – the Joker watch coffee table by a metal artisan Pedro Costa. This is a striking and unique piece of furniture that combines Chaykin’s signature style and functionality.

Join the Konstantin Chaykin's Auction in collaboration with Ineichen Auctioneers during the Geneva Watch Days exhibition to witness the culmination of art and horology. Don't miss the rare opportunity to acquire these masterpieces for your collection.

Don't miss the chance to acquire these masterpieces and rare sketches for your collection. Join us on-site or online for unforgettable experience of a thrilling auction. We look forward to seeing you at the Geneva Watch Days.

*Under the aegis of Maître Marco Breitenmoser, Huissier Judiciaire

Event Details:

Date: August 29, 2023

Time: 13:00 CET

Place: Rotonde du Mont-Blanc

Quai du Mont-Blanc 10,

1201 Genève, Switzerland