Please note that watches sold at our auction are not currently housed at Ineichen Zurich AG's warehouse but are stored with a trusted partner company. Upon the completion of the auction, these watches will be delivered to Ineichen Zurich AG and subjected to a thorough inspection by our specialists.

Ineichen Zurich AG cannot guarantee the match of the watch's quality to the described condition until our specialist has had the opportunity to personally examine the item. Should our assessment reveal any discrepancies from the initial description, the client will be promptly notified of the condition.

In such cases, we are committed to ensuring our clients' satisfaction and offer the right to cancel the order should the client find the reassessed condition of the watch unsatisfactory.

Acceptance of Terms: By checking the box, the client acknowledges and agrees to the terms outlined in this disclaimer. This action confirms the client's understanding and acceptance that the quality and condition of the watch will be verified by Ineichen Zurich AG's specialists upon receipt from our partner company, and that there is a process in place for addressing any discrepancies between the described and actual condition of the watch.

We appreciate your understanding and trust in our process to ensure the authenticity and quality of your purchase.