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December 3rd, 2022

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Chronograph WG

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Chronograph WG

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Vacheron Constantin

Patrimony Perpeutal Calender Platinum

You watch can be here

You watch can be here


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The fairest conditions
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Chronometre Perpetuel WG

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What are the advantages of selling with Ineichen Zurich?

We have been successfully holding watch auctions since 1973 and working hard on the quality of our service, watch descriptions and catalogues, which allows best returns on each sale.

It is in our interest to sell your collection at the highest price possible since we profit from the buyer’s commission on the hammer price.

Our managers are working closely with sellers to make sure that the process is transparent at every stage.

Will my watch be sold at the next upcoming auction?

We cannot guarantee the sale of your watch at the nearest auction since the preparation of catalogue and announcement of lots takes place 1-2 months before the auction starts. Your watch will be included in the auction depending on its relevance to other pieces included, and also depending on how long before the auction your request was submitted. Your personal manager will provide you with a detailed timeline for your watch sale after you submit a form.

How can you guarantee the profit from my watch sale?

Based on the evaluation, the estimates for your watch will be locked in the auction. As a rule, the increase in the final sale price can be anticipated through bidding. The starting price may rise in the pre biddings as well. Simply put, the price of your watch will never go below the initial value estimated.

Can I reserve a starting price for my watch?

Yes. However, if the price you want to reserve exceeds the estimation we provide, the commission will be charged as a back up in case the buyer for such price is not found.

Is the service completely free? Any commission?

The commission is charged based on the following model:

CHF 50 000 > Net Hammer Commission = 20%
CHF 50 000 =< Net Hammer =< CHF 150 000 Commission = 15%
Net Hammer > CHF 150 000 Commission = 10%
What watches can I sell? Brands, models, and conditions?

There is no limitation for the brand, condition, presence of box and papers for the watches we accept. Each watch is considered individually. The true value of each watch will be known right after the initial estimation!

How and when will I get a quote?

An initial quote is usually created within 48 hours depending on the availability of experts. It will be delivered to you via e-mail with a supporting notice via a phone call if required.

How can I receive the payment?

The payment equal to hammer price will be transferred to your bank account within 3 business days.

What guarantees do I have in case I do not get paid in time?

If the delay is due to Ineichen Auctioneers, we take full responsibility to repay you with premium calculated individually based on the contract of sale. Otherwise, we are not responsible for delays due to banking system and other intermediaries. 

We introduce the most transparent commission model:


The buyer pays only the hammer price

Sellers Commission

Depending on the hammer

Selling with Ineichen Auctioneers is risk-free and flexible:

Find the best fit for your watch: up to 6 thematic live auctions per year, 12 online timed auctions or private sale through our own projects or partners in the UAE, Hong Kong, and Switzerland.

The fairest conditions:

with the other auction houses you lose minimum of 25%!

No more buyer's premium! We have cancelled the buyer's premium, you pay only the Hammer price now! Read new Auction conditions