Ineichen Auctioneers

Read the story of joining Ineichen Auctioneers told by Sebastien himself
Investing in a privately-owned company is easier than you can imagine 
Article by Kyle Roderick
Investors, take notice – Ineichen is ready to put up to 33% stake in the company for sale
The past Ineichen’s thematic sale presented a wide series of blue dial watches across all price points and styles
Does the future of luxury watch retail lie in digital?
These creations are sure to get the watch world talking
F.P. Journe and Patek Philippe models once again dominated the sale due to their rarity and history in the world of horology
Are collectors really prepared to dip into their pockets for a watch represented by a non-fungible token?
Megabrands may still dominate the market, but it’s often the independent brands that have the biggest ideas.
Is it wise to invest in a high-end watch? The answer is still “Yes!”, and here are the reasons why.
Forget about stocks and shares, because smart investors nowadays are buying Swiss luxury watches, reading watch blogs and hanging out at Baselworld. 
Luxury watches is the perfect investment since the risk is substantially lower than for investments in the stock market.
Assembling a collection of rare high-end watches certainly seems like a glamorous way of storing your wealth, but does it really make sense as a heard-headed investment?

Despite the challenging market conditions, luxury watch investment still boasts a notably impressive record. 

2021 saw a 300% increase in growth per auction and 370% increase in annual growth. This year saw some of our best success in the company's 48-year history.
As an established Zurich auctioneer, Peter Ineichen was commissioned to create a catalogue of the most important items from the Hellmut Kienzle’s  legendary collection.

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