Ineichen Auctioneers

Is it wise to invest in a high-end watch? The answer is still “Yes!”, and here are the reasons why.
30 December, 16:57
Forget about stocks and shares, because smart investors nowadays are buying Swiss luxury watches, reading watch blogs and hanging out at Baselworld. 
30 December, 14:09
Luxury watches is the perfect investment since the risk is substantially lower than for investments in the stock market.
30 December, 14:00
Assembling a collection of rare high-end watches certainly seems like a glamorous way of storing your wealth, but does it really make sense as a heard-headed investment?
30 December, 13:52

Despite the challenging market conditions, luxury watch investment still boasts a notably impressive record. 

29 December, 20:05
2021 saw a 300% increase in growth per auction and 370% increase in annual growth. This year saw some of our best success in the company's 48-year history.
29 December, 09:00
As an established Zurich auctioneer, Peter Ineichen was commissioned to create a catalogue of the most important items from the Hellmut Kienzle’s  legendary collection.
28 December, 19:06