Clock with a tourbillon made by Konstantin Chaykin. Vertically arranged movement. Functions: hours, minutes and seconds indication, one-minute tourbillon. Classic finish on all parts. Dimensions: 232х165х129 mm. Materials: nickel-plated brass, mineral glass, precious wood.

Lot Essay

The Tourbillon 55 clock is notable for its exquisite mechanics. The tourbillon is located at the top of the vertically arranged gearing. It's accompanied by a seconds indicator, and the escapement inside the moving platform completes a full rotation in exactly one minute. The movement contains 13 jewels and 8 precision bearings, fixed with gilded screwed-in chatons. The winding barrel features a Geneva drive, which limits the torque of the spring, enhancing the precision of the movement. The watch also has a hidden message for ham radio enthusiasts, a community to which Chaykin belonged in his youth. He replaced the 11 o'clock mark with the number 55, a cypher that in ham radio circles means a handshake.

Reasons to bid

Konstantin Chaykin clocks rarely appear at auctions. The manufacture generally produces them very rarely, as unique one-off pieces. The Tourbillon 55 clock is distinguished by precision mechanics and original design, using a tourbillon for seconds indication.

*Under the aegis of Maître Marco Breitenmoser, Huissier Judiciaire