Lot Essay 

The “Joker” watch and subsequent models of the “Wristmons” collection (Wristmons – “mechanical monsters on the wrist”) are one of the most unexpected and spectacular discoveries in the watchmaking industry in recent times. Few could have expected – including Konstantin Chaykin himself, creator of the design and inventor of the watch movement – such a positive reaction from watch connoisseurs and professionals alike.

While developing this watch with a face-like dial, Konstantin Chaykin was less concerned with the complex movement than the idea of the watch as a work of art, provoking a direct emotional reaction. The appeal of the “Joker” lies in the freshness of the idea, which is especially impressive when contrasted with the traditional world of classic dials and hands, in the impressive design of the harmonious facial features of its face-like dial, and in its recklessly-positive character.

Case Back

The collectability of these watches is enhanced by Konstantin Chaykin manufactory’s characteristic small-scale production, where maximum use is made of artisanal techniques and the fine finishing of all details and components is guaranteed without exception, signatures of the finest brands at the forefront of haute horlogerie.


Especially for the “Joker” and other models of the “Wristmons” collection Konstantin Chaykin developed a double-disc display for the hour and minute indications, as well as a moonphase indicator. In the construction and design of the movement, he was guided by the principles of haute horlogerie, despite the fact that the movement is hidden under an opaque dial. Konstantin Chaykin meticulously finished every part of the movement using classic techniques: perlage pearl textured grinding; fine longitudinal and circular grinding; abrasive blasting to a matte finish; a smooth handcrafted chamfer; engraving; polished screw holes, pins and jewels; spherical polishing of the axel tips; and galvanized rhodium plating. In total the module includes 8 jewels, designed to reduce friction, while the moonphase indicator is driven by a wheel with 59 teeth.

Caliber: K07-0 automatic winding by Konstantin Chaykin manufacture

Power reserve: 38 hours when fully wound

Accuracy: +/-15 seconds per day


The trademark indication module and all the external design details of the “Joker” watch – the case, dial and strap buckle – are all entirely made in the workshops of the Konstantin Chaykin manufactory. A combination of fine longitudinal grinding, abrasive blasting methods and polishing is used in finishing the details of the dial – fine longitudinal and circular grinding, abrasive blasting to a matte finish, a smooth handcrafted chamfer, finish in two types of guilloche relief, galvanized silver and rhodium plating, pad printing and multi-layered lacquering. In the process of creating this watch not a single plastic component was used.

Case dimensions: Diameter 42 millimetres; height 13.7 millimetres

*Under the aegis of Maître Marco Breitenmoser, Huissier Judiciaire