The Joker Five watch from Konstantin Chaykin's Wristmons collection, number 13/38. Released in 2022. Functions: joker-indication of hours and minutes, retrograde sectoral day of the week indicator. Partially skeletonized dial reveals the finish of the movement and the striking design of the main plate. The case, 40mm. in diameter in stainless steel, caseback with sapphire crystal. Accompanied by a collectable natural leather watchstrap with a bowtie in the characters signature colors: purple, yellow and green.

Lot Essay

The release of Konstantin Chaykin's Joker Five Wristmon coincided with the fifth anniversary of the “wrist monsters” collection and the release of the first wristmon, the Joker. Joker Five is distinguished from its predecessor by a skeletonized dial and the smile, which in the original was a moonphase indicator, serving as a sectoral day of the week indicator designed and created by Chaykin. Thanks to the skeletonized dial, the main plate of the indication module and its new finish is clearly visible, and the contrast between the smooth anthracite and the grainy surfaces creates a sense of volume. Both the mechanics of the day of the week indicator and the patented joker-indication module, redesigned by Chaykin for this release, are also visible. The two levers of the movement of the sectoral day of the week indicator are in the shape of the letter J, and the shaped radii of the movement's four wheels form the recognizable shaped of the four playing card suits (spades, clubs, hearts and diamonds).

Reasons to bid

The Joker Five watch was released in a limited series of 38 pieces, and each was already bought before the official presentation of the model. It is, so far, the only serial-issue wristmon with a sectoral day of the week indicator. The connoisseurs of fine watchmaking will undoubtedly appreciate the delicate finish on every part, which can be admired through the skeletonized dial.

*Under the aegis of Maître Marco Breitenmoser, Huissier Judiciaire