lot 09

Konstantin Chaykin

Sketch Game of Thrones

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Lot Essay

An original sketch of an unrealized watch project by Konstantin Chaykin. 2022. Watercolor paper, drawing.

A sketch of a Konstantin Chaykin watch with chained graphic hour indication. The drawing is a part of the Phantom Watch series, a collection of sketches of the master's unrealized projects. When working on this potential design, Chaykin was inspired by the popular "Game of Thrones" fantasy TV series. The sketch is extremely detailed. Chaykin managed to fully express the texture of the metal of the case, and the leather of the watchstrap. The smallest parts of the minute indicator, shaped like a steering wheel. Above it the master depicted the barrel of the chain graphic hour indicator with a chain with Roman numerals for links, coiled around it.

A movement with this type of indication is impossible to implement in a wristwatch, so the concept remains just a concept. But Konstantin Chaykin did use the idea in a larger piece, the Lucomorye clock. The idea required a movement with 1119 parts to implement.

Phantom Timepieces

While creating a collection of watches, Konstantin Chaykin made numerous sketches, in which he, as an artist, tried to depict the timepieces he had conceived. The watchmaker has gathered these ideas into a special collection – the Phantom Watch series.

The collection includes the inspirational sketches of watches created by Chaykin, the projects which can't be realized for some reasons. The master cherishes every thought he conceived, so he decided to give these inventions a chance on paper.

About the Author

Konstantin Chaykin is a famous watchmaker and inventor who has the greatest number of inventions and watch complications among his colleagues all around the world.

Moreover, Chaykin is also a great graphic artist. All of his timepieces and inventions began with sketches and drawings that he made in countless "moleskins". One may consider them a "chronicle" of his Manufacture. It is not surprising that it was Chaykin who created the world's first self-portrait watch, the Selfie Joker, the dial design of which reflects the features and traits of its creator.

*Under the aegis of Maître Marco Breitenmoser, Huissier Judiciaire