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Become an owner of up to
33% of Ineichen Zurich AG


The first 0,5%
sold for: CHF 210 000
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Our CEO Artemy Lechbinsky sells a 0.5% share on May 28th

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for 33% now

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Our Financials

Projected EBITA & Sales
Company value based on our estimation CHF 50’064’273 Company value based on sales results CHF 42’000’000

Going Forward - our Strategic Plan

Buyer’s premium cancellation

We are the first auction house to cancel the buyer’s premium, allowing for a more transparent relationship with our clients

Taking Over
New Markets

We continue to expand internationally, approaching clients in key strategic markets (Hong Kong, UAE, the USA)

Bringing Blockchain into the Watch Industry

We’re launching a Meta-Tourbillion project – a unique blockchain-based platform for watch brands, watch buyers and collectors

Virtual Try-On
for Watches

We’re using new blockchain and Artificial/Virtual Reality technology

Collaborating with Independent Artisans

We’re expanding our business to independent watchmakers

Themed Auctions for Exceptional Watches

We are the first to focus only on smaller themed auctions, holding up to 10 auctions per year

How it works:

June 20th - July 20th KYC verification
July 20th - August 20th Bidding process
August 20th - August 30th Ineichen selects the winner(s)
August 30th - September 10th You are registered as a new shareholder