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We have been successfully holding watch auctions since 1973 and working hard on the quality of our service, watch descriptions and catalogues, which allows the best returns on each sale.

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You own the watch, we find the buyer

  • Higher profit - sell above the market
  • You establish the sale parameters
  • Customised sale solution through multiple channels
  • Search for the buyer may take up to 3 months


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  • Quick sale
  • Get the best value for your watch
  • No risk of purchase cancellation once price is agreed upon

Why Ineichen?

The best conditions for the sale of your watches, see for yourself

15000+ verified buyers
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Why sell with Ineichen?

We have been successfully holding watch auctions since 1973 and working hard on the quality of our service, watch descriptions and catalogues, which allows the best returns on each sale.

We reach buyers through multiple purchase options:

- Live auctions (highest returns, longest wait time, selective watches)

- Timed auctions (quick allocation to the auction, almost any watch can be accepted)

- Private sales (large database of private buyers allows us to find a perfect one in minimal time)

- "Buy now" option (the option for the most impatient buyers who are ready to pay more and skip the bidding)

We are the only ones to offer NO buyer's premium which motivates bidders!

Can I reserve a starting price for my watch?
Yes. However, if the price you want to reserve exceeds the estimation we provide, the commission will be charged as a back up in case the buyer for such price is not found.
What watches can I sell? Brands, models, and conditions?
There is no limitation for the brand, condition, presence of box and papers for the watches we accept. Each watch is considered individually. The true value of each watch will be known right after the initial estimation!

Pricing & Timing

Will my watch be sold at the next upcoming auction?
We cannot guarantee the sale of your watch at the next auction since the preparation of catalogue and announcement of lots takes place 1-2 months before the auction starts. Your watch will be included in the auction depending on its relevance to other pieces included, and also depending on how long before the auction your request was submitted. Your personal expert will provide you with a detailed timeline for your watch sale after you submit a form.
Is my online estimate request free of charge?
All our estimates are free. Please kindly note that we only provide estimates for items that have been identified by our specialists as potentially suitable for sale.
May I request an estimate if I’m not ready to sell my item?
Yes, requesting an estimate is only the first step in selling your item.
How long does it take to receive an estimate?
We will answer an initial enquiry within 2 business days. On some occasions, if an item requires additional research, more time will be needed. In such special instances, you will be notified of the status of your submission.
What happens after I submit my item?
If your item is suitable for sale, our specialists will contact you with provisional estimates and propose the most appropriate sale channel for your property.
Is my estimate a final appraisal of value?
All estimates are subject to a physical examination of the item, as well as changes in the watch market. Estimates are not formal documents for insurance, taxes or estate valuations and cannot be used as such.


Is the service completely free? Any commission?

The commission is charged based on the following model:

CHF 50 000 > Net Hammer Commission = 20%
CHF 50 000 =< Net Hammer =< CHF 150 000 Commission = 15%
Net Hammer > CHF 150 000 Commission = 10%
When will I receive the payment after the watch is sold?

The payment will take place within 40 days after the end of the auction.

a) Ineichen has received the signed auction contract from the seller, stating the desired method of payment and the other information required for payment

b) payment of the entire purchase price by the buyer has been made in due time (Read section 7 of the Terms and Conditions of Sale to the Commission contract auction).

What if the watch I consigned is not sold?

We can offer you two options:

1. Return the watch

2. Keep the watch for the next auction

Please let us know your decision by email

Consignment highlights
Starting price: CHF 500
Total bids: 28 bid(s)
Hammer: CHF 3 400
Starting price: CHF 25 000
Total bids: 24 bid(s)
Sold at fixed price: CHF 50 000
Est.: CHF 350 000 - 400 000
Total bids: 15 bid(s)
Hammer: CHF 540 000
Starting price: CHF 10 000
Total bids: 46 bid(s)
Hammer: CHF 45 000

No more buyer's premium! We have cancelled the buyer's premium, you only pay the Hammer price now! Read new Auction conditions