Maximum Bid/ Pre Bid

Before the live auction we offer you to place your max bid

Instead of incrementally bid in a live auction, you can use the maximum bid feature, which represents the absolute highest price you are willing to pay for a lot.

You should determine beforehand the most you are willing to pay for an item and our system will act as a proxy bidder in your absence during live auction, automatically placing incremental bids on your behalf, beginning at the lowest increment, and without going higher than your maximum bid.

If you get outbid by another client you’ll be notified via email or push notifications so you could increase your bid.

If two different bidders enter the same maximum bid, we will prioritize the bid which was entered first.

Maximum bid does not determine the sum you will pay - just the limit of what you are ready to pay.

This solution is good if:

  • You can not participate in live auction 
  • You want to protect yourself from issues in case internet connection drops during live

Live bidding

During the live auction you can place real-time bids for the open lot

You can participate in auction online, in the room, by telephone or placing a max bid in advance.

Live bids are accepted only for open lot from the moment it opens and until it is closed (sold or passed) by the auctioneer. The open lot is marked "LIVE" at the right menu of the live auction.

Live auction link is available at the auction page within 1 hour before the auction start. You will be notified as soon as it appears on the auction page.

To place a live bid - simply click the active button at the open lot page. The button will stop being active while your bid is the highest, so, you can't overbid yourself.

You can change your max bid for the lots that haven't opened yet during the live auction

To change your max bid during live - select the lot at the right menu and confirm your new max bid. You can navigate through lots any time during the live auction.

For assistance with registration & bidding

Phone: +41 44 298 11 44

Please contact Ineichen’s specialists if you need any assistance with registration and bidding