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Forget about stocks and shares, because smart investors nowadays are buying Swiss luxury watches, reading watch blogs and hanging out at Baselworld. And if you’re ready to join them, go straight for timepieces by top-tier Swiss brands such as Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Rolex which have experienced a consistent growth in recent years and proved to increase their value over time.

Here are some facts to ponder. Among 100 most expensive watches ever sold at auction, only 29 timepieces were not Patek Philippe [1]. With a hammer price of US$31.2 million, Patek Philippe’s Grandmaster Chime became the most expensive wristwatch ever sold at an auction [2].

One of most prestigious watchmakers, this Geneva-based manufacture offers unrivalled craftsmanship and iconic design – and with that comes a high price.

Passion Investment

Bestselling Patek’s models have appreciated in value by 105% over the last 5 years [3]. In fact, their iconic model Nautilus is one of the most desirable luxury sports watches in the modern world. It’s highly sought after and pretty hard to get given the extremely low number of pieces available on the market. So while the recommended retail price for Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712/1A-001 is about 36,000 Euros, current quotations exceed 60,000 Euros [4] – a pretty impressive premium, isn’t it?

The demand for mechanical luxury watches in 2020 is higher than ever before. Many investors have come to view high-end timepieces as an exciting and highly personal form of investment.

“I guess that the soaring value of my Patek can’t be explained just by one factor. It’s more like a cocktail of things, including prestigious horological pedigree, exclusivity, technical sophistication and desirability of the particular model. But the main thing is that everyone who buys these timepieces is passionate about them.”

Ramin Mukhi, a collector from Dubai

Uncertain Times – Safe Investing

If you’re considering buying your first Patek with a future investment potential, deciding on which model to choose in this highly specialist market can be rather daunting.

First of all, you’ll need to conduct a market research to learn about different watch types and Patek Philippe’s key features. In this regard, Ineichen’s expertise on the brand itself and relationships with dealers all over the world is likely to be invaluable, since it allows to source the most desirable pieces and in the end, achieve the best investment return.

The great thing about watch investment is that it’s not only a mere investment, but also a lifestyle choice. So your personal taste still plays a major part in the final choice.

If you want to wear your watch daily, you’d better stay away from vintage timepieces and go for something not too complicated. Something simple and classic like a Calatrava would be a perfect choice. This way you’ll be able to enjoy wearing a beautiful timepiece while it rises in value year after year to trade it in for something more ambitious in the future.

And if your primary goal is investment, keep in mind that a Patek equipped with something like a moonphase or a minute repeater will not only hold its value, but also enjoy increase in value. Even modern models from Patek boast enduring style, so your watch will do well when you decide to resell it.

In an era of bank failures and massive losses, Patek Philippe watches can become a crisis-proof addition to your investment portfolio.

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